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Stratigos Security provides advice and guidance on information security
programs, strategy, and policy.



Security Strategy and Roadmap Development

Align your security program to your business objectives, and prioritize resources appropriately through strategic forecasting.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Augment your decision-making capabilities with proven industry leaders, able to access a deep bench of subject-matter experts.

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Services

Mitigate third-party risks before, during, and after your buying cycle by assessing suppliers and equipment for vulnerabilities and threats.


Security Design and Architecture

Ensure your security posture matches the current threat and business environment, through small or large adjustments to your security program.

Governance and Risk

Increase the maturity of your security governance and risk programs.

Compliance Alignment

Minimize elective cost and change by aligning industry, organizational, and regulatory compliance to your existing security program and filling any remaining gaps.


Vulnerability Assessment

Improve your organization’s systemic capabilities to resist adversaries, by analyzing thousands of potential exposures and vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Shore up your network defenses, by emulating adversarial tools, tactics, and capabilities.

Application Assessment

Mitigate vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications, as well as your secure software development lifecycle, through testing, code security audit, and process assessment.

Risk Assessment

Identify and prioritize business risk from IT and Cybersecurity sources, as well as help mature your risk management program.

Compliance Gap Assessment

Assess your security program against industry or regulatory guidelines and best practices, and develop pragmatic recommendations to close any gaps.
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