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About Us

Solutions that support your organizations’ unique value drivers.

Founded in 2012, Stratigos Security provides consulting services on information security programs, strategy, and policy for businesses of every size.  Companies – ranging from Fortune 100 to small local organizations around the globe – work in partnership with our team to understand and mitigate information security risks. 

At Stratigos Security, we don’t just set up information security programs in a bubble, because we strive to go beyond selling products – we sell tailored strategic solutions. We do this by listening, understanding your reality, and then providing you the  strategy, and solutions that will work best. We take a holistic approach to information security underpinned by five values.  

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We watch what is coming, and keep a view of history.

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.


We believe trust is our most important asset.


We know everything we do is part of a broader context.


We concentrate on what is core to us.

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We hire and train our consultants to speak both business and geek, so they can translate packets into policy.


We have worked in industries as diverse as retail, highermotive, government, and retail.


We have more than 10 years of experience and have held operational roles at the C-suite and Director level.


We span four continents and a half dozen languages, and we have done projects in dozens of countries.

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Let's work together

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